Rhino Conservation Awards 2016


It was an honour to receive an award in the Youth category at the Rhino Conservation Awards 2016 held at Montecasino on the 11th July.
Congratulations to all the category winners and runners-up as well as all the nominees.
It is awe-inspiring to see how this iconic species has united so many people in this endless journey of saving them from extinction. The heroes are the rangers who put their lives on the line every single day to protect our #rhinos. I salute you for your dedication and commitment to fighting this war. It was surreal for someone my age to be a part of such an event and witnessing your passion for our wildlife heritage has inspired me to do even more to make a difference.
Thank you to the 1,000,000 Footprints team. You deserved to be up there with me receiving the award. Thank you U.S. Embassy of Hanoi (Lisa and Tho), Freeland Foundation, ENV and 1,000,000 Footprints Vietnam ( Cứu Tê Giác ). You have all been a part of our year and making this possible.
Monique Theron (16)

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