Nkomazi schools participate in 1,000,000 Footprints – News

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Nkomazi schools participate in 1,000,000 Footprints – News


NKOMAZI – Learners from nine primary schools in the Nkomazi Local Municipality will join children of the world in marking 1 000 000 footprints against the continued exploitation and destruction of Africa’s natural resources.
“We are asking kids from the entire world to place their footprints on sheets of cloth in their stand against what is happening to Africa’s wildlife – in particular the rhino and elephant. Along with a fun-filled, awareness presentation, we are visiting schools across South Africa to get them to make their mark,” explained Ms Margie Kolver the head of One More Generation (OMG) in South Africa.
She says the campaign follows a unity between One More Generation and other two worldwide NGO’s the Dance To Be Wild and Children 4 Conservation. It is scheduled to kick start from July 23 until 25.

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Nkomazi schools to participate in 1,000 000 footprints | Mpumalanga News

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