Action for Nature 2015 Winners

Action for Nature 2015 Winners

Action for Nature 2015 Winners

Age Group 13-16

Monique Theron, 3rd Place, Age 15, South Africa

One Million Footprints For African Wildlife

Monique is a passionate young individual with an inborn desire to make a difference to the environment by engaging other Youth in learning about the challenges facing our planet and finding sustainable solutions. She is especially passionate about wildlife and is on a mission to show others why it is so important that we protect the diverse inhabitants of our natural world. She is the founder of the organization Children4Conservation., and one of its social media programs, “1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa” is a campaign to uplift and inspire the youth of the world to unite to save Africa’s natural heritage for generations to come. In the last five years, she has encouraged educators, schools and students to become involved through fun-filled events which include song, dance and placing painted footprints on cloth (with a goal of reaching one million). She has spoken at events about poaching concerns, and has helped organize marches emphasizing the predicament of elephants and rhinos. So far, she has reached almost 17,000 students with the message that the time has come to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – as youth we must stand together to protect the future of Africa.”

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