Vietnam – Rally for Rhinos

DAY 3 – Sunday 25th October 2015 – Rally for Rhinos Bike Ride


A very early start to join in the Rally for Rhinos Bike Ride through the streets of Hanoi.


The delegation welcomed Olivia and Carter Ries from OMG USA to the team. Beginning with a formal introduction to the US Ambassador, Ted Osius, then everyone donned riding helmets, climbed on bikes and set off at a healthy pace, dodging scooters and taxis as they wound their way along narrow streets.


A brief stop at Nguyen Hoang Ton Park to catch their breath, drink some water and to hear Ambassador Osius address the press was greatly welcomed as the heat in Hanoi was something no one anticipated.


The afternoon began with an Orientation Session with Lisa Wishman back at the Flower Garden Hotel where the kids finally met up with their host families and were briefed as to the do’s and don’ts in Hanoi and what can be expected for the week ahead.
The team then split up to go home with their respective Vietnamese families – a fantastic opportunity to learn first-hand about the culture of typical Vietnamese lifestyle. The adults attended a truly inspiring cultural evening of music composed by local composers and a walk through the streets of Hanoi, enjoying the nightlife.


Photos: Tho Le and Ilan Ossendryver



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