Vietnam – Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Temple of Literature


DAY 4 – Monday 26th October 2015 – Hanoi University of Pharmacy – Youth Outreach


Dressed in branded T-Shirts, the team set off to the Hanoi University of Pharmacy to meet and engage with students at this prestigious centre for learning.


Hosted by the Vietnamese Youth Union, the team had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to offer up their solutions to the rhino poaching crisis and became involved in a panel discussion with fellow Vietnamese university students. Very interesting opinions were presented and the group was excited to gain the full support of the entire group.


A formal signing of the World Youth Wildlife declaration took place where after everyone joined in a “Shout Out” on the steps of the University.


After a stunning lunch at a quaint restaurant, Koto, the group visited the Temple of Literature. Le Minh Trang, our tour guide, delivered a fascinating excursion through this very beautiful temple dedicated to Confucius and the Kings who revered Learning in Vietnam.


Our Cultural Members, Richard and Phelisa, attracted huge attention as the team walked around the Temple.


What a fun-filled time. A very tired group split up to return to their Vietnamese families.


Photos: Tho Le and Ilan Ossendryver


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