Ingwenyama Combined School

Ingwenyama Combined School – Block C Trust – 1134 Footprints

We received a hearty welcome from the headmaster of Ingwenyama Combined School. He showed us into an enormous hall where we set up quickly as row upon row of children were filing in. After a warm welcome our presentation began. Today we were joined by the Theron family of Children4Conservation and Chris Daniel of Bongi’s Quest. The presentation was excitedly received by all learners, who absolutely loved the visit by Bongi the Rhino. They eagerly answered questions posed by Bongi and a lucky few, who answered correctly, received a complimentary cap. A lot of fun was had by all

and learners were eager to be chosen to place their footprints down.


1. School Logo revamped and engraved at the school gate and with 1,000,000 Foortprints signage,

2. PA System to be used in the school hall to provide adequate sound system for the hall,

3. Six air conditioners for the hall,

4. School fence

5. Safety signage posters for school safety awareness,

6. Six water tanks

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