Phiva Primary School

Phiva Primary School – Phiva Trust – 739 Footprints

On arrival at the school, we were met at the gate by the Headmistress, Ms Ntiwane. She was very excited that her school had been chosen for the campaign and during our conversation she told me that Velile Mabaso’s father had been a teacher at the school for many years. We were led to a large double classroom where the presentation was to take place. A very well behaved and very quiet group of children started to file into the room and soon the room was filled with eager, smiling young faces. Our presentation started with the animated “Rhino Song” which had the children laughing out loud. Jax bath introduced herself and asked Amber Tilling Richards to speak to the children. The presentation was well received and the children participated with enthusiasm. Well done Phiva Primary – your school is the very first school to place your footprints!!!!!!!


The school is urgently in need of assistance with the completion of the Foundation Phase classrooms. They are built to roof height but require roofing, plaster and paint in order to complete the structure.

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