Oakfields Montessori Nursery


Oakfields Montessori Day Nursery – Awareness – 60

This campaign aims to afford all children, irrespective of nationality, creed, colour or status, the opportunity to realise that their voices are powerful and capable of fuelling change and transformative action. It is their time to participate in the biggest display of unity ever seen. United, they have the potential to make positive change happen. By placing their footprints and names on sheets of fabric, the children of the world will participate in a united symbolic walk across the African continent – a peaceful protest against the continued exploitation and destruction of Africa’s natural resources.

A huge welcome to Oakfields Montessori – the first school to register from the UK.

Oakfields Montessori is already sending out invitations to schools in their area to join them in this exciting and fun-filled campaign intended to upliftand inspire the youth to unite together in a stand to save the natural heritage of Africa.

Thank you to the Principal, Kerrie, and the staff and parents of Oakfields for being so determined to be a voice for our wildlife.

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