Kwajelusa Primary school

Kwajelusa Primary School – Phiva Trust – 419 Footprints

After a long and dusty drive on badly graded dust roads, we eventually arrived at the school. We were met by an excited group of teachers, who offered every assistance to get set up. As the school did not have a functional hall we set up on the corridor in front of some classrooms alongsidea huge tree and a ramshackle carport. Despite the heat and the dusty circumstances the children rushed outside and accumulated around us, eager to hear what we had to say. Jax and Amber delivered a powerful performance with the children joining in with stamping, dancing, laughing and singing.


The Principal asked if there was any way we could assist with the repainting of the School Name Board which is barely visible. He felt it was very important for the children to have an identity for which they could be proud.

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