Khamhlushwa Pimary school

KaMhlushwa Primary School – KaMhlushwa – 1242 Footprints

Our very first impression as we drove into the school was “WOW”! A brand new, facebrick building with huge security gatehouse and modern facilities faced us. We were led into a magnificent huge hall and were met with the excited cheers of 1242 children who were eagerly awaiting our arrival. The noise was deafening!! The school is very well equipped and we had the use of a sound system with microphones for our presenters – definitely needed to compete with the audience of young children. Jax Bath and Velile Mabaso soon got the crowd participating with the vibrant presentation! The whole school cheered as some of the pupils and one of the teachers came up on stage to place their footprints for Africa. Our visit was concluded with the entire teaching staff lined up on stage, leading the children in a passionate song of praise for the Children of Africa!


Despite the fantastic surroundings, the school is in the heart of one of the most impoverished areas of Nkomazi and the principal is desperately in need of funds to keep the food kitchen going in order to feed the children who come to school with empty stomachs.

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