JC Booth Middle School

JC Booth Middle School – Awareness – 480 Footprints

C Booth Middle School was the first school in the USA to host the 1 ,000,000 Footprints To Save Africa campaign and the event was a huge success. Over 500 students and faculty participated in this historic event as each one placed their footprints on the muslin to show their support and raise awareness about what is happening to Africa’s many animals.

The ‘1,000,000 Footprints To Save Africa’ campaign was started as a collaborative effort by OMG partners Dance To Be Wild, children4conservation, Bongi’s Quest and One More Generation. The campaign is a global awareness initiative that helps to educate everyone around the world about the impending extinction of many of the continents species and the dramatic impact it will have on the people of Africa unless we all get involved and try to make a difference. Issues such as poaching of rhinos for their horns, canned lion hunts and poaching of elephants for their ivory are pushing these and many other species to inevitable extinction. As Africa losses more and more of their iconic species, the tourist trade which supports the entire continent will collapse and result in increased unemployment and many other hardships, not to mention the irrevocable loss of so many animals that future generations might never get to see in the wild.

We will be hosting many more such events around the country and invite every schools in the US and around the world to consider participating. The campaign cost little to host (merely the cost of materials) and offers immense educational value for the entire community. We are currently working with a representative from UNESCO and attempting to get a traveling art exhibit to tour around the world with all of the collected footprints so we can expand our reach and educational opportunities.

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