First Footprints Event

The First Footprints Event – 25 Footprints

Within a spirit of unity and hope, ambassadors of One More Generation, Dance To Be Wild and Children4Conservation came together to launch the 1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa”campaign. By placing their footprints and names on sheets of fabric, the children of the world will participate in a united symbolic walk across the African continent – a peaceful protest against the continued exploitation and destruction of Africa’s natural resources.

“1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa” Initiative is an awareness raising and education program earmarked for the youth of Africa and the world, affording them a platform to express their concern for Africa in a united stand to save Africa for themselves and future generations.

For millennia, people have walked or marched in protest and in order to make positive change happen. In the same vein, “1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa” aims to gain the participation of every youth throughout the world in a SYMBOLIC WALK to highlight the plight of Africa’s wild

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